Business Plan

To build on existing relationships in the local printing industry by driving one % of buyers shopping for online print services to local print stores through the PMIS supply chain.

Print Management Information Systems Business Plan Summary
To increase company revenue and market share, the print MIS business plan is to create a retail print chain by partnering with existing customers, 75% of whom have entered material, labor and running costs with markups in *ePRO; adding a % on top in its digital storefront and marketing online to local consumers driving sponsored traffic from Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads, Facebook Ads, eBay, Amazon, Ali Baba and other ecommerce platforms.

Guests arriving at one of the company branded retail storefronts shall be able to browse get local quotes from local partners, and upload files from any mobile or desktop device and pay.

Credit and debit cards payments shall be processed by PayPal integrated with the Print Management Information HSBC UK business account where the money is held.

To start production a purchase order will be sent to our partners with a job ticket and delivery slip to be signed by the end user upon receipt of goods in satisfactory condition.

Payments to the partners are processed the following day after goods received by bank transfer.

Print Management Information Systems Marketing Plan Summary
  • Start promotions and registrations October 2019.
  • Soft launch multiple sites starting December 2019.
To see planned launch sites and to register as a local printer in your area visit

  • Internet printing companies e.g.
  • Print management companies e.g. RR Donnelly
  • Local printing companies e.g.
*ePRO is a cloud based WEB TO PRINT MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM developed over time by Print Management Information Systems for companies buying and supplying print.