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ePRO Print MIS

A data bank to assist back end staff collaborate to record and update client specifications, track time, estimate across Xerox®, Heidelberg® and other presses, request quotes from trusted suppliers, prepare client quotations, book orders, buy-in goods or services, prepare shipping instructions, report and invoice. Integrates with Xero®, QuickBooks®, Sage® and Firespring Print Shop. *Custom work and help offered. Call to discuss.

eFLO Web to Print

A basic online platform to create multiple web to print stores for new and repeat customers. Get instant alerts and all paperwork prepared in one-go as customers price and order business cards, holiday cards & gifts, marketing materials, signs & posters, invitations & stationery products that require simple touches, file uploads with instant previews (without pre-press). Integrates with ePRO Print MIS as one complete kit.

Press Connect

New to digital print assistance? Well now you have help #1. Fill out a simple registration form to tell us what services you offer, the geography you market, who you are with your contact information and we'll contact you to verify who you are and show you the immediate advantages of connecting with trusted local printers instantly. To self-register today all you need is an iPhone, a visit to the App store and the app Zeoz.


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We play Chess, love algorithms, data, strategy and Paint (a lot). But as much as we love robots, we think humans are pretty great too. Our Managers, a mix of data heads, creative cats, and content kings, offer a personable approach to print mis, web to print and digital print assistants to help you gain genuine measurable results for business.

We are not reinventing the wheel and we don’t claim to; we believe our people and our values have been the core reason for our remarkable entrance into the digital marketplace. We cultivate a team of entrepreneurs, hungry and energetic to take on giants. Our motivation is simple: If you grow, we grow.