Management Information System

A small to medium enterprise supporting next generation start-ups in print related activities with the technology and information they require to thrive with technologically advanced consumer demand.

Demonstrable SME facilities include the right tools necessary to engage, quote, sell, produce and retain more business indefinitely.

We trust you will find our multicultural family working from across the globe a pleasure to consult with based upon the diverse knowledge, experience and wisdom each adds to the value of the solution delivered to your business.

Services On Demand

For people who understand the importance of customer convenience and concept of finding services through apps such as UBER. ZEOZ is a unique platform for you to provide services in an uber type fashion to your existing clients whilst finding new ones in the process.

*Companies that lack these amenities run the risk of losing business to competitors who use innovating technology.

Communication with Customers

The faster your business is able to send and receive information, the better you will be able to take advantage of opportunities. With digital communication technologies customers expect fast responses to inquiries as well as regular updates about work in progress.

Communication with Employees

Fast communication amongst employees enables smooth navigation through difficult situations and the ability to efficiently deal with them when they do occur. Cancellation or changes to an order, communicating this information quickly to the employee who handles the account enables you to avoid wasting time and money fulfilling it.

Communication with Suppliers

Fast communication technology enables your company to exchange information with suppliers in a timely fashion, accelerating the process of receiving materials and adapting to last-minute changes. Likewise if a supplier is out of stock, this process enables you to source the item elsewhere without delay.

Management Information System for Print

For Print Managers and Printers who value the importance of information to measure financial and non-financial KPIs, Print MIS software introduces an innovative approach to producing run of the mill quotes, plans, production runs and dispatch schedules with zero tolerance for errors and omissions.

  • Increase Visibility

    Records and organizes data to increase visibility of information for faster communication and speedier process management for you to respond to.

  • Increase Throughput

    Measure the KPIs most important to you with canned and custom reporting tools to assess the present state of business and its key activities.

  • Quality Information

    A factor behind all progressive businesses is access to high quality information to help you maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace even if it is true cost.

  • More Control

    Bottom lines need to be looked at, which means cost control to understand which jobs are profitable and where efficiencies in production can be made.


For retail and strict brand adhering Print Buyers a value added self-service technology that helps them become self sufficient when it comes to buying print and related supplies. For Print Providers the opportunity to create the right customer service engagement model with decreased service costs.

Editor Edition

For customers who need to order personalized print services above and beyond static stock lines.

1 Click Print

Enhance your customer service engagement model with 1 click print quotes for everything printed digital and offset.

Stock Management

Where applicable, enhance customer buying capacity with integrated stock allocation and easy call off for effortless distribution.

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01. how to use 1 app to order services like printing
02. how to use 1 new print mis technology
03. how to use 1 e-commerce strategy

All this plus a proprietary autopilot feature to help local printers collaborate and lead generate more to help business in the area and countrywide.