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ePRO Print MIS

(A Management interface to store, share and process business data relating to routine operations such as creating prospects, taking notes, booking appointments, comparing quotes from 3rd parties, including design time, estimating across commercial litho and digital presses, creating follow up alerts in the sales calendar, writing follow up letters, opening job dockets, recording design time, sourcing materials, running production reports, keeping customers updated with automatic production updates as you prepare packing slips, delivery schedules and reports for billing.)

eFLO Web to Print MIS

(A Consumer friendly window to ePRO Print MIS to give your Customers a space to view all past and current order history with job status. A product menu to select from, an option to upload a spreadsheet, match it, process and download as a PDF preview with a check a box to confirm order and have the order drop into your ePRO Print MIS.)

Consumer App

(Put innovating Consumer technology to the test to see if it can save you and your supply chain time by placing an icon on Consumer desktops.)

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