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3rd July 2017
Dear Customer & Prospective Shareholder,

Re: Changes to your account with Print Management Information Systems Limited.

When I first sat down to write to you, I estimated I would do it within 24 hours just like setting up a new system but I was wrong. It takes much more.

It is my duty to inform you that effective July 2017 the following structural changes will be implemented at the company Print Management Information Systems Limited (PMIS) to provide you a technology capable of powering business online for the next decade.

  1. Rebranding – As we expand our range of services, we will be consolidating services provided by Print Management Information Systems Ltd with our newly founded company, Zeoz Ltd. This does not affect the level of service we give you in any way as you are and will always remain our priority. Please note that all future billing will be done through Zeoz with immediate effect so you may find it handy to update your records on our profile.

  2. Research – After completing an extensive 20,000+ hours study to create a singular depository of information for professionals in the print industry, we have applied the intelligence you shared in redeveloping what are known as Print MIS and Web to Print legacy systems.

  3. Software – As we release a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to our target market of small to medium print shops owners and setup for a select number of American and British companies servicing corporate sectors and retail sectors. We invite you to test drive the new software upgrade, tell us where you want it installed what all staff members and customers think.

  4. Ongoing Enhancements – Using in-house expertise, we try our best to shape the software in a way to avoid unnecessary custom development costs. However instances do occur as in the case of Calev Print Media now known as Calev Systems which commissioned a custom development at a cost of $25,000 (US Dollars) and now after 36+ months considers it a multi-million dollar solution to their business.

  5. Shares – To raise capital, we are selling 1% of company shares to you in exchange for $5256.00 US Dollars. In return for each share sold, the company will provide you with a copy of either our latest Print MIS, Web 2 Print or business plans to build a commercial network for print buyers and suppliers.

    Please note for uncapped seats, this does not exempt shareholders from paying the base rate of $0.01 per minute each 12 month cycle to run company servers, research and upgrades ongoing.

I thank you for your time and support through the years and look forward to what you think about building a software company for the local print industry.

Mrs. T. Mahmood
Director Print Management Information Systems